One Day Experience Tour in Shinko-ji Zen Temple

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開催日時:2023年 12月 14日(木) 9時00分 ~ 2023年 12月 23日(土) 17時30分
会場:Shinko-ji Zen Temple
定員:20 per tour

千葉県袖ケ浦市にある曹洞宗 真光寺にて、日本文化と禅体験のできるイベントを開催致します。東京駅出発の1日バスツアーとなっており、対象は外国人。同伴であれば日本人も参加可能です。参加費無料。




An event to experience Japanese culture and Zen will be held at the Shinko-ji Zen Temple in Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture.

 This one-day bus tour departs from Tokyo Station and is open to foreigners. Japanese can also participate if they are accompanied by a foreigners.

 Participation is free of charge.

 Please join us for a one-day tour that will give you a taste of Japanese culture and Zen.

Applications are accepted by phone or e-mail, both in English and Japanese.